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Here's a recent one that seems to have turned out VERY LARGE.... as tall as I am.
"The Death Baby"
Here is the lyric for this one:

The Death Baby

   holes in everything, even bones,
   even minds become soiled doilies,
and the flightless wings
of blighted memory
are blood-rusted stubs,
   not bridal lace.

Long ago, I must have been
a sorrowful, leathery ape of a child,
clambering in the moss-grown ruins
of my mother's madness.

On the last day that I had a mind,
    I remembered walking
between hot, copper columns of sunlight,
meeting my father's bones
   and my brother's ashes
   and answering their questions
about my charred, failed life.

On the last day that I had a body,
   a crone with black smoke wings
   instead of arms
left a pearl-colored child,
who was as lovely, silent and stupid as a fish,
in a bundle on my front porch.
    I knelt and cradled her
   against my stammering heart,
and I rocked the death baby
rocked the death baby.

Here's the "work in progress" on my  piece that's going to "Damned VI" in Detriot:
It's called "Our Darling"
"Our Darling"-- detail
"The Bone Cage"
"The Bone Cage"
Below another work progressing:
The Bone Cage